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A Pisces born on March 5 is symbolized by the Fish and has a friendly but opinionated personality. Learn about March 5 birthday astrology.

Following suit can only help you get a glimpse of the kind of opulence that they know how to live into. Following suit can only help you to feel more luxurious in your own skin, which, if Taurus knows how to appreciate anything, it is the skin we are in. Love the movement. Love the effervescence. Love the breeze they make as they blow through each and every idea.

Loving a Gemini is loving rapid fire questions, answers and the ideas that brew in the in-between. Gemini lives in liminal spaces. In the bubbling of an idea.

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In the not-yet-formed-so-all-bets-are-off moments of life. To love a Gemini is to love learning how to fly. Without a safety net. Without resistance. With ideas that have an anti-gravity effect. To love a Gemini is to soar outside the bounds of time and space into the open skies of wind and words. To love a Gemini is to be enamored with one of the most charming of magicians.

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It is to know that inconsistency is not the same as change. It does no one any good to let a sleight of hand cover up the truth of a situation. Love them, and yourself, enough to keep you both honest.

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To love a Gemini is to love both their need for exchange and reflection. A mind that never rests needs both the far reaches of space and the deep caves of consideration. Being loved by a Gemini is to be endlessly entertained with options, ideas, new angles, and an unrelenting humor. No one knows how to lift your spirits with a turn of a phrase like the twins.

No one looks harder for their counterpart than they do. To be loved by a Gemini is to feel part of the most dynamic of duos. An inner circle of extraordinary company. If you love a Cancer, you will never go for long without an ample dose of feeling.

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An extra side of emotion. A cup that runneth over. To love a Cancer means that you will be initiated into your own emotional life. Crabs scuttle sideways when they get scared.

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Love is terrifying. They are not the kind of beast you want to hurt. No love is as personal as this. But no love is as permeating either. If a Cancer loves you, you will know it. If a Cancer chooses you, you will feel it. Love the theatre of living. Love being the roaring applause.

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Love basking in the glow of an incredible star. To love a Leo is to love loudly, without shame or reservation. Never hesitate to demonstrate your appreciation of them. Leos need consistent odes of devotion. So will the times that you encouraged their courage.

Even the most self-assured of tigers need help taming their insecurities. Even the beasts with the most beautiful manes need to be reminded of their magnificence.

To be loved by a Leo is glorious. It is to be kissed by the sun. It is to laugh until you have lost all composure. It is to indulge in the joy in letting go of your inhibitions. It is to feel lucky to be relieved from the grit and grime of the mind, lifted up to the realms of the spirit. Leo may need applause, but it will always return the favor with a confident wattage that will light you up and remind you of your own magnificence, brilliance and importance.

To love a Virgo is to love that they may not know how to leave well enough alone. Love that they may not know how to let go when there are jobs left undone. Notice the work that they have done to make your life easier. Applaud them for the carefully curated problem solving they have provided for you.

Make an effort to understand how their worry manifests.

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Hyper-criticism will arise when they feel unsafe, unsettled, or unfulfilled. Rather than engaging with the critique, engage with the underlying stressor. Let them know that you are holding their story with them. Following the plot. Connecting the dots. Once Virgo understands your ability to roll up your sleeves and put the effort in, the well-earned, hard-won respect you get from them is no ordinary praise.

Virgo can be demanding, but Virgo will never forget your favorites, your needs, and your necessities. Love their love of beauty. Love their need for justice. Love that they will try to be the balance to everything off kilter. To love a Libra is to love that if laughter is missing, they will bring it. If anger is needed, they will bring it. If tenderness is nowhere in sight they will seek to be the source of it. Whatever is out of whack will be made right by these scales.

When you love a Libra let them know that it is OK if you are not. Let them know that it is OK to let you struggle with something.

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  5. Just themselves. Remind them that their boundaries are beautiful and acknowledged. Remind them that they are always half of the equation. To love a Libra is to love the way they move about a crowd. It is to love that they are always seeking to see where justice has yet to be served. It is to love their need to weigh all the options with each person that is important to them. To be loved by Libra is to be relieved of the feeling that you are alone in the world.

    It is to be inspired to reveal your beauty, to share the best of yourself and to join in the art of relating for no other reason than the sheer pleasure of being in good company. To be loved by a Scorpio is to be transformed. To be loved by a Scorpio is to have the stealthiest army on your side. To be loved by a Scorpio is to be focused on. Held together through every falling apart. Relentlessly devoted. To get a glimpse of the depth of their heart is to be a reminder of your own.

    Famous for its resilience, loving a Scorpio is loving the paths that will bring you to the edge.

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    And back. Scorpio loves all the way through. Into the mystery and back again. Through the misery and back again. Into the suffering of becoming and back again. Wary of betrayal, Scorpio can take its time deciding whom is worthy of their secrets and their powers of regeneration.