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A Pisces born on March 5 is symbolized by the Fish and has a friendly but opinionated personality. Learn about March 5 birthday astrology.

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Separate the good from the bad, and deal with each and every situation yourself to come out a winner. Research, common sense and taking action when needed will lead to success. Your numbers are 2, 13, 21, 28, 32, 41, Personal gain requires dedication and hard work.

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What you do for others will not be forgotten when you need something in return. An unusual point of view will be eye-opening and will give you greater perspective into your personal life. An opportunity will spark new ideas that will encourage you to change the way you handle relationships, joint ventures and your personal assets, settlements and health issues.

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A deal that someone offers you will not be as good as they portray. Choose to do your own thing. LEO July Aug. Plan a romantic evening for two or a get-together with friends.

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English name: The Archer. Sun sign dates: November 22 — December Sagittarius Dates. English name: The Goat or Sea-Goat. Sun sign dates: December 22 — January Capricorn Dates. English name: The Water-Bearer. Sun sign dates: January 20 — February Aquarius Dates. English name: The Fish. Sun sign dates: February 19 — March Pisces Dates.

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Toggle navigation. Are you Pisces? What are the Pisces dates of birth? Pisces Dates: The Leap Year Bump In astrology, your Pisces Zodiac sign also called sun sign or star sign is decided by the position of the sun at the moment of your birth, as seen from Earth. Here are the leap years since the beginning of the 20th century:.

Pisces Dates: Cusp or Not If you were born on February 18thth, your sun may be on the very cusp the starting point of Pisces, or right by the end of Aquarius.

Mixed Zodiac Signs Now, If you were born on February 18thth at a time when your sun is at the very end of Aquarius, you probably have a mixture of Aquarius and Pisces in your character. Decans Make a Difference The strongest is not equal to the most typical, though. Astrology is rather complicated, when dealt with seriously.

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Share this. Log in with your credentials. Forgot your details? You bet. Libras are so adept at charming conversation that they need to be mindful of overstepping their boundaries and appearing vain or gossipy the Scales do love intrigue. When these folks are on their game, however, they are a pleasure to be with. Typical Libra traits include being artistic and stylish and the Libra sign enjoys creating a beautiful world.

Are you a Libra man or a Libra woman? You can expect the Scales to make a fair argument, too, since they live by the principles of diplomacy and compromise. Nah, Libras really are too nice for that. Plus, any end-runs that these folks use are usually to build themselves up, since this star sign can be easily deterred. Rather, they take a deep breath and consider all the options in the spirit of cooperation. Libras at play may not be as energized as at work, if you call socializing work and the Scales do. Alternatively, Libras love the outdoors, so riding and biking can also prove fun. They also love the colors of the sunset sky, that melding of ivory, pink and light blue.