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A Pisces born on March 5 is symbolized by the Fish and has a friendly but opinionated personality. Learn about March 5 birthday astrology.

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To say that a partner in marriage is fixed and the effort in choosing one is an exercise that is futile, therefore in my view is wrong. Can we have a fairy tale love? A reality check. How do we characterize modern marriage Are two people satisfied in their relationship? Can we term earlier marriages in a male dominated society successful, since they lasted, in most cases till death did them part. Do we ignore the fact that there was no scope for a woman to assert her rights freely and dispute unjustified actions as she was economically dependent?

Can we term those marriages also successful where a man married another woman inspite of a devoted wife because both marriages lasted lifelong? Can you have the concept of happy marriage of a literate to a semi-educated woman, who may have devoted herself to rearing children and attending household chores, blissfully unaware of her potential and devoid of aspirations? But, for understanding what is happiness and unhappiness is we have go back to our shastras. When you have expectations, you have unhappiness.

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Shloka 62 of Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 " dhyayatah visayan pumsah sangas tesupajayate sangat sanjayate kamah krodha bhijayate " While contemplating the objects of senses, a person develops attachment for them, and from such attachment lust develops, and from lust anger arises Shloka 63 "Krodhad bhavati sammohah ammoohat smrti-vibhramah smrti-braramsad buddhi -naso buddhi-nasat pranasyati" From anger, complete delusion arises, and from delusion bewilderment, intelligence is lost, and when intelligence is lost one falls down again into the material pool.

If you view everything you have as god -gifted and destiny- sent including marriage and do not hope for or expect anything, you have contentment. A differentiation of an unhappy, not so happy or happy marriage is much too subjective a concept to be assessed objectively. Where there has been death of partner, divorce, separation or no marriage, it is clearly a weakness in the 7 th house and can be assessed by evaluating the 7 th house, the significator Venus and the divisional chart navamsha. A working methodology for such an evaluation has been explained in my book Indian Marriage in Modern Urban Educated Society.

This was when there was no concept of divorce and when societal compulsions did allow a woman to live independently. It is important to evaluate the positives as well. Much modern research has been undertaken in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, where it has been clearly shown that the planets in the 7 th house have totally new meanings for example a woman with Mars in the 7 th house can have an engineer, policeman or an army man as her husband. Similarly Ketu in the 7 th can give a spiritually minded husband. A woman from Tamil Nadu, who learnt astrology from Mr. She was given many negative predictions by several astrologers but Mr. Rao assured her that she would have an excellent orthodox marriage because of her Sun, the 7 th lord being in the 4 th house with Mercury. Her husband is very well placed in his career as a chartered accountant.

Such modern interpretations will have to be put, departing from the literal and narrow translation given by Mr.

Jha in his translation of Phaldeepika. Most of the astrologers are sticking to the literal meaning given in Phaldeepika which is doing damage to astrology. Her Rahu, with debilitated Moon is in the 7 th and is aspected by Jupiter from Pisces. She has been having an extraordinary marriage since Both the husband and wife happen to be doing exceptionally well professionally.

Senior Bush, the father of George W. Bush is 87 years old. Vedic astrology is known for its negative readings in the West. As in India so in the West primarily to entice clients and earn from remedial measures. Mangal dosha is one of the most misused concepts by astrologers to make money and promote fear.

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In Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan we stress on the totality of a horoscope which has to have different shades of happiness and unhappiness, materialism and spirituality; the modern and ancient meaning. A lot of these ancient meanings are given in Phaldeepika but we have to modernize with new meanings.

Subrahmanyam, Professor and Head, Department of Jyotisha, Telugu University, Hyderabad, who had taken a workshop in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, had stated that Lagna refers to the self and the 7 th from it relates to society. If lagna has more points than we dominate the society and if the 7 th has more than we are dominated by the society. Generally in Sarvastakavarga the 7 th house and the 12 th house should have less point. Scholars believe that in ancient India women enjoyed equal status with men. Through the low point of the medieval period, this status has been rising.

In the Vedic and Upanishadic times the great freedom women enjoyed is described in. She is deprived f the dignity that is due to her. We are not living in Moghul times when the Hindu woman had to be protected from the lustful invaders.

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Slowly the Indian male has started to accept this shift in the ower balance. On the other hand we also have instances of unscrupulous woman taking foulest advantage of section IPC and 18 of Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act and Section of Criminal Procedure Code and harass the husbands. How a balance is to be structured to put marriage on grounds of stability, dignity and harmony is the challenging point of research for astrologers of modern times. It is a challenge to produce new researches. Those who are sticking to Phaldeepika literally when a still finer shade is to be considered in predicting matters on the basis of the shlokas are committing a serious mistake.

If there is a sanyas yoga which also involves the 7 th house it mostly means a woman leading a normal married life and from second half of her middle age becoming spiritual after fulfilling her worldly duties. Parashara rightly gives a hint about it but many modern astrologers put a wrong interpretation of this combination. A malefic in the 7th and any planet in the 9th is a combination that makes a woman highly spiritual. It is to be seen to be believed.

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We have a colleague in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan whose marriage has crossed 50 years It it is a beautiful and blissful marriage still with only 13 points in matching. Shudh jatak matching, a part of bhava milaan is also to be viewed in modern context. An evaluation in totality with desh kaal and paatra is required.

I intend making it a comprehensive book for Horoscope Matching. Rao convincingly demonstrated through the horoscopes of many heads of states, prime ministers and presidents that they were engaged in war in the dasha of the lord of the 7 th house, the planets in the 7 th house or planets aspecting the 7 th house. Clearly the 7 th represents, the spouse, the society, war and also death. The classical and the researched are on the same line. News Area.

Spectacular opening and closing ceremonies and a historical win in cricket against Australia. We need to review dispassionately not only the wrongs but all the rights that contributed to the success of the commonwealth games for punishing and also for rewarding. As we release this Newsletter Mr. Nitin Gadkari's statement accusing that the whole establishment was involved in corrupt practices and blaming PMO and Cabinet and that Kalmadi is being made a scapegoat is on the front pages of all the Newspapers.

He has demanded a JPC probe. Business and Economy - Some predictions How good can be the results of a favourable dasha combining a good transit can be can be seen from the dasha of Sun-Mars-Venus upto and transit of Jupiter in the 11 th of the Indian Independence horoscope. The pratyantar dashas of Sun and Moon upto in the Independence chart will be equally good. From September there will be global opportunities coming with global challenges in the dasha of Sun-Jupiter as Jupiter and Saturn would be on the axis of the Indian Independence chart from November 15, As predicted in our earlier newsletters, India outperformed most of the emerging economies in its cruise towards a developed nation status Cashing on euphoria the economy is on track Direct tax collection is higher than expected.

India is a complex story with 37 percent below poverty line and still it is projected that its wealth will double.

We welcome your much-needed financial support at this time of transition and growth.

India will be a developed country by , thanks to the dasha of Sun and Moon. It is out in the air free after taxing in the red for 3 years. Global Cheer has taken the stock Market still ahead. Shanker Hegde from Bangalore and Mr. Sitaramiah from Shimoga to offer our views on the Karnataka crisis one week before the vote of confidence on 11 th October, On 10 th October , while discussing the matter with Mr.