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A Pisces born on March 5 is symbolized by the Fish and has a friendly but opinionated personality. Learn about March 5 birthday astrology.

They have a wide mouth and might become fat at the later phases. They have a quick understanding, are inspirational, versatile, flexible, emotional, music lover, passionate, affectionate and are loving. At times, they like to be secretive, philosophical and lead a romantic life.

They are loving, kind, truthful and charitable in nature.

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They are very gracious, hospitable, helpful and humane. They lack self-confidence, self-esteem, are shy and cannot hurt anyone.

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They stay confused, cannot remain steady for long and are short tempered. They are modest, polite and good mannered. They become over anxious with time, indecisive and lack vitality. They are best suited as poets, as bankers, actors, accountants and liaison officer.

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This is a watery sign, so automatically the people born in this sign are addicted to water. Drinking a lot of water is required, they will be suffering from gastric disorders and guinea worms. Injuries and pain in the ankle, feet, teeth and eyes are denoted. Diseases like constipation, tuberculosis, tumors and mucous troubles are common. They might suffer from abdominal tumor, enlarged liver and enzymes deficiency.

They are romantic, intellectual and prefer a beautiful partner. They are suspicious towards their spouse at times, they like to flirt and have a dual nature.

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Since it is dual sun sign, they will convey both good and bad qualities equal. They are kind, loving, sympathetic and moody at times.

Everything You Need to About the Pisces Personality

They love their children very much and prove to be very good parents. They are honest, kind, sympathetic and loyal towards their partner. To lead a happy and prosperous married life, they should not doubt their partner. They stay romantic throughout the life. They are sincere, reliable, helpful and maintain harmony at home.

Overall, they lead a happy married life. They are beautiful, intelligent, witty and have big eyes. They are romantic, passionate and liberal. They are very generous towards their spouse. They are really polite, social, modest and flexible. Main positive personality traits: Uncommon ability to instinctively respond to given situations; compassionate; understanding; artistic, sacrificing. Pisces are often scatterbrains. They don't do well in highly structured or regimented situations and generally buck convention.

Pisces can be so emotional, needy and intense that they can end up being a real drag to people around them. In business, Pisces can be unreliable, unmotivated, easily distracted, and have their heads in the clouds all the time.

The not so nice side of Pisces manifests as being a gossip, indiscreet, and gullible. Pisces are easily lied to because they so want to believe. No matter how often they are led astray by empty promises, they keep the faith and push on toward their personal ideal. Their dreamy and impractical natures can be a source of distress to those close to them. Being both optimistic and cynical, Pisces find it difficult to make up their minds on any issue.

Main negative personality traits: Lazy, impractical, unrealistic, fearful, emotionally restrained, melancholy. In the career department, Pisces are often better working for themselves than for someone else. Their innate sympathy equips them for careers in charity, catering to the needy, as a nurse, looking after the sick, or as a veterinarian, caring for animals. Pisces have an intrinsic love of water, and are particularly well-suited towards jobs that keep them near the sea.

Pisces notable creativity includes a natural ability to imitate or mirror another person as well as enter into their feelings.

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These attributes also make Pisces incredible character actors, and many Pisceans find great success on stage or in films. Pisces make fantastic salespeople, copywriters, marketing creatives and advertising executives. Their much vaunted Pisces empathy for others makes them very effective in civil service and in the legal arena, particularly as an advocate for the less fortunate.

Many police officers, attorneys and judges are Pisces. You can be a self-sacrificing friend, but it pays to take care of yourself first. You run into trouble when you're struggling with addiction, or fall in with bad company. This clouds your thinking and can create a cascade of bad decisions that build on each other. On the other hand, you can trigger a protective response in others, and attract guardian figures.

The lost child aspect of your personality sometimes brings saviors, that help you find your way. Indeed, you are someone who benefits from a caring, guiding hand. The Rising Sign is how you move out into the world.

Pisces Facts

With Pisces as your front door and persona, you're someone attuned to things like serendipity, dreams, symbolic language, etc. You get overwhelmed with too much socializing and are restored with time alone, with your music, books, movies, artwork, or intimate friends. When possible, give yourself a lot of free time to be spontaneous, and also to simply do nothing.

You grow strong when you've got a clear and direct channel to that subtle knowing that's your birth rite. Updated February 10, Continue Reading.