February 10 Birthday Horoscope

Today the Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon is void of course in Sagittarius, and moves into Capricorn later tonight. In today's horoscope and astrology lesson we learn how strong personalities often attract one another into a love relationship. People often love others who are much like themselves, but when opposites attract you have to learn where to find a common bond to grow from.

This can be exciting but there are times when those personalities strike each other hard and they have to find a new way to relate with each other in order to thrive. Case in point. When people ask if Aquarius and Capricorn are a good love match, what they are really wanting to know is if someone who is really grounded and less adventure seeking can be with a person who is constantly on the move and never letting themselves stay in one place.

You can see right away how this might create a problem in a love relationship. In friendship, when you have a friend you're fond of who is always off doing something wild and crazy while you're sitting at home unaffected, it's easy to appreciate their adventurous side. In fact, what would make you glad for them suddenly can make you mad at them, and sad for yourself. And this becomes the rub between Capricorn and Aquarius. It's kind of intriguing how these two zodiac signs would have powerful attraction to one another, initially.

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It's like the bad boy or girl who falls in love with the partner who is always in tune with their professional side. Deep down inside, they love and admire the traits of the other partner because they themselves want to be more like that, but in the end, it all boils down to being true to self, and unconditional love either saves the day or doesn't. There's really no in between. To make things work between couples like these, as you may have already found out is this pesky little idea called compromise.

Perhaps, the adventurous one can learn to tone it down a bit and the more settled sign can learn to take things up a notch. Over time, this can grow into an amazing relationship where compromise rules the day. But until then, it can be tough. Yet, the rule stands, with love, it's possible. To find your perfect match use this chart.

February 10th Element

Aries, good things are coming your way so allow yourself to embrace the possibilities. While you are in one area of your life, you may already have your sight on another situation or potential adventure. Have faith that what you need will rise to the surface. Taurus, something inside your heart may rise to the surface and awaken you to a new awareness.

Trust the process and remember to hold fast to the intentions you have for love so you stay on the right path. Gemini, hope may seem like an elusive energy but friendship is something that can help encourage your heart. Spend time enjoying the company of those who love and support you and allow things to work themselves out.

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Cancer, there may still be things you'd like to address within yourself and that of another. Gain clarity on who you are first so that you can be fully equipped to have this conversation. Today, you may decide to get a little more conscious about your health. Filled with positive drive, you may even plan to join a gymnasium or start taking a hard look at your calorie intake.

Don't go overboard, though! You don't want to do it only today, and forget it tomorrow - plan and execute in a step-wise manner, so it doesn't get a bit too much.

There may not be many opportunities visible on the horizon today. And, chances are that you may end up getting embroiled in some complicated situations, without even a fault of yours. Given your people skills and lively spirits, you will be able to sail through. Also, the fact that you may have dealt with similar situations in the past too will make it even easier for you. However, to be on a safe side, steer clear of any arguments, advises Ganesha. You will get good co-operation from your colleagues and subordinates.

February 10 Birthday Horoscope

In your personal life also you will gain the support of your spouse and your friends. Other people will be accommodating of your problems and will try to solve them for you. Your expenses may increase, leading to some financial worries, says Ganesha. An easy-going day full of fun and light moments will help you vent all that pressure built up inside you. Ganesha predicts a progressive and profitable day for you. Expect to honour invitations to social events or even parties.

It is more than likely, and possible indeed, that you will surpass your own past performances today. All this is on the cards, despite the fact that your peers at work will try to outwit you. But it is your consummate set of skills that shall help you pre-empt all such attempts, says Ganesha.

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If it is some peace that you are looking for today, expect to find it in meditation. Don't put off cultivating healthy eating habits, says Ganesha. You should do better to control over-indulging in food as it may lead to obesity. Ganesha advises you to stick to a healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to meals. Your friend base is slated to multiply today. At work, additional responsibilities will be thrust upon you, and you will also be given charge of new resources. Ganesha predicts you taking up the challenge and emerging triumphant in all spheres today.

Planning strategic moves will be done with, and all that will remain is execution.

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  • But Ganesha says there may be delays in implementing ideas that are crucial to the success of your project, and this may leave you disappointed and dismayed. But the problem will be short-lived and you will have nothing to worry about as you have all it takes to be a winner. So, just sit back and wait for the rewards to come.