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Mars and Pluto together cull the herds. If you try to hold onto doing the socially acceptable role, you will lose.

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If you are trying to be the go-between, the ambassador or counsellor it will be harder to achieve balance.. Pluto is the higher octave of Mars in modern tropical astrology. Mars rules men, the patriarchy, the army, anger, desire, spontaneity, testosterone , recklessness and drive.

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These two planets are considered malefics and bring up danger from radiative explosions, hurricanes, earthquakes, military accidents, domestic violence, rape and abuses of power from the lowest to the highest put into the open. Be aware, as all aspects have a positive use even when working with heavy energies like this, use Mars passion to blow through resistance to change, to right the wrongs, to end toxic masculinity, unfair laws and to rebalance your integrity.

What is the Descending Node? Astronomy and Astrology intersection. They use the same calculations, such as the Nodes of the planets and the moon. December 2nd when it enters Serious hard knocks practical all business Capricorn, that is. Who is tougher than Pluto Lord of death?

Saturn aka the Grim Reaper. Saturn is giving Pluto a close shave. That degree is opposite the U. Mercury in Cancer at 24 degrees. The Full Hunter Moon is exactly conjunct the U. Are you ready to feel the earth move? Venus in Scorpio opposes stubborn Uranus in Taurus This shakes things up, by your own will or by Uranian shock and chaos in your sex life and maybe your financial one too.

Jane Fonda just got arrested in Washington for protesting this week is one example All court matters or new laws over environmental issues will move fast. There are still many in denial, misogynists, Patriarchal Old Testament dominates the earth capitalists consumer addicted, blaming women, fearing women and their sexuality. The shadow qualities are still coming up, But many intellectual genius women are rising to the top.

Gun Law reformation and the unconscious programmed addiction to violence and against women and children is something the U. Aries A gentle, mild-mannered author who writes horror stories. You have an innate understanding of the negativity and discord of the world, plus an ability to help others to see how these energies operate.

As these dark forces are exposed they become weakened by the light of knowledge. Your sincerity can render you immune to many dangers, as you explore dark recesses for the sake of helping others. It is a way of encountering ourselves, meeting our depths, and especially of contacting our pain-body and releasing its traumas, so that WE can become even more alive.

To master this art requires love and innocence. Temperance has been used over time to describe a virtue, an effective way of life with a sense of moderation, balance, and parsimony in its attitudes. A person with temperance is one who has the virtue of acting prudently, without exaggeration. The card bearing that name will be the conductor of the Tarot for February — but not necessarily under the same meaning. The Temperance card of the Tarot for February is the mystery of exchange, the serene flow of life. Things are flowing normally and quietly towards improvement.

The internal energies by the flow of the fluids must resume their course, everything must be rebalanced. It is the mystery of harmony, cooperation, sociability. She always announces good surprises. The significance of this card in the Marseille tarot is positive. You alone are in control of your destiny, you will be in charge, and succeed in what you are doing. In terms of health there are also important changes, both in the trends of the month and in our own behavior itself.

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This is a really beneficial card to health as a whole, which will indicate that we are likely to have a healthy life — or at least have a good chance of healing if we are sick. On the other hand, this card also serves as a kind of warning or recommendation. It is important that you really want to take care of your health.

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