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A Pisces born on March 5 is symbolized by the Fish and has a friendly but opinionated personality. Learn about March 5 birthday astrology.

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Astrological chats. Copy 1: Weston, L. The Fixed Stars in Astrology. Portland, Oregon: Llewellyn Publishing Co. Comments: Version with three page prospectus beginning on verso of page 21; Imprint place and date taken from this ad for Health and attainment through cosmic vibrations, published in unnumber pages , prior to Llewellyn Publishing relocating the Los Angeles the same year; Version rebound with 9 page prospectus on the Planetary daily guide for all, the moon sign book; Reprint date taken from unnumbered page 6 for 25th annual edition; Planetary daily guide for all, the moon sign book began publication in as Better than magic.

Hardback: color: blue. Ancient and modern names ; Ptolemaic natures ; Longitude, latitude, right ascension and declination for the year -- Commixtures of light. Showing the qualities in combinations -- Exterior stars. Ptolemaic descriptions of stars in each Zodiacal sign -- Babylonian and Arabian stars.

The mansions of the moon, specific nature of 28 Arabian stars -- Modern descriptions of the remaining 52 stars -- To compute positions of fixed stars for different dates. Mean annual precession ; Example showing how to find the longitude of stars for years before or after -- Annual increase in declination -- Processional values. Formula for finding longitude and latitude of fixed stars when R. Tables showing dates when and what parts of the ancient constellations were occupied by the Vernal Equinox, from 22, B.

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Illuminating misunderstood and misinterpreted points in astrology -- A skitch from modern astronomy. Size of our universe ; Extent of neighboring universes ; Distance in these universes measured by quadrillions of miles ; Speed of movements in the heavens ; The center of gravity- What is it?

More significations from Hebrew and Chaldean sources -- To find the time of culmination of any heavenly body. Rules, example, and tables for conversion or arc, or right ascension, into time -- The Eqyptian Crux Ansata. Los Angeles: Llewellyn Pub. First issuance color: teal. Comments: First issue bares copyright statement on page 7; address Ardmore Ave.

Table of Contents: Readings of Zodiacal signs -- Readings of ruling planet influences -- Ascending sign delineations. Second issuance. Table of contents: Listed alphabetically by subject: Analysis of horary figures. Questions concerning: An Absent person ; Employment ; Fugitive ; Horse race ; Indemnity for accident ; Legal action ; Marriage ; Promotion ; Removal from residence ; Stock market forecast -- Aspects -- Countries ruled by Zodiacal signs -- Doctrine of elections: Advertising ; Airplane travel ; Amusement, diversion, pleasure ; Auction, for holding and buying ; Building houses ; Buying and selling ; Buying lands or houses ; Legal advice ; Long journeys ; Marriage ; Seeking employment ; Short journeys ; Surgical operations ; Vacations -- Eighth House questions: Concerning death ; Financial responsibility of a person inquired about -- Eleventh House questions: Friends, are they sincere and trustworthy?

Will there be safe delivery? Will the issue be male or female? Powerful Planets.

Comments: Issued in several versions all baring the same copyright date. Sequence of issuance uncertain. First issue: pages, page 2 and 3 of cover with advertisements cf. Astrolearn entry. Second issue: pages with page "Notice of Corrections" as last printed page; page 2 of cover: Contents; page 3 of cover: Symbols of Aspects and their nature ; Aspects. Third issue: pages with page laid in as "Notice of Corrections", which is also printed as page , issued circa as per advertisement on page for 7th ed.

Variant issuance pages bares series Llewellyn library series ; no. LC copy ; Color of bindings may vary: Red cloth, gold embossed spine and front board hardback ; Side-wire staple bound, wrappers orange with oil burner shining Zodiac symbols in the light on front cover paperback.

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Third issuance. Secondary binding. Table of contents: Powerful planets -- Signs and constellations -- Fundamentals of astrology -- Educational features -- Natal astrology -- Horary astrology, [part 1] -- Horary astrology, [part 2] -- Planetary hours -- Agricultural astrology -- Medical astrology -- Mundane astrology -- Eclipses -- Comets -- Astro-meteorology -- Then and now -- References. Table of contents: Alphabetically listed: Adverse aspects are not "Evil" -- Anent daily indications -- Astrological planting for health and profit -- Biblical quotation explained astrologically -- Birth time through spiritualism?

Astrologer's Searchlight: which embodies all of the most valuable material formerly contained in "Astrological gleanings", with considerable matter added.

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Servicable for practical application by students and investigators of this benign science. Los Angeles: Llewellyn College of Astrology, Astrologer's Searchlight: Questions answered on mooted subjects to clarify obscure points for students of astrology. The Astrologer's Searchlight: Questions answered on moot subjects to clarify obscure points for students of astrology. Table of contents: Introduction: Astrology, The solvent -- There is no end to the making and reading of horoscopes -- Chapter 1.

Matters relating to signs and planets: Signs and planets -- Pluto -- The ephemeris explained -- Tables of Houses, Their use -- Stars and planets -- Signs and constellations -- Fixed stars -- Earth and the Zodiac -- Modern astrology is geocentric -- Chapter 2. Matters relating to triplicities: Aquarius; Pisces and Scorpio; Their planetary rulers -- Meaning of triplicities -- Affinity and antipathy -- Amity or enmity -- Fruitful and barren signs -- Gender -- Moist, dry, hot and cold signs -- Cardinal, fixed and flexed signs -- Accidentals -- Dignity and debility -- Relative strength and importance of dignities and debilities -- Dominant planet of a chart -- Retrograde and direct motion -- Tropical signs -- Northern and southern signs -- Equinoctial signs -- Chapter 3.

Matters relating to planetary aspects: Aspect defined -- Ptolemy says -- Symbols of aspects: Their orb and nature -- Analyzing planetary aspects -- Adverse aspects not always detrimental -- Scientific deductions -- Modifying influences -- Not law evasion -- Chapter 4. Adverse aspects: How to overcome adverse aspects -- Every day a new beginning -- Serious responsibility of astrologers -- Life is a school -- Adverse aspects are blessings in disguise -- Every effort counts -- The st Psalm : for guidance and inspiration -- No evil aspects -- Harmony with nature : how to work in harmony with planetary influences -- Chapter 5.

Matters relating to time: The horoscope illustrated -- Importance of recording exact time of birth -- How to make time changes -- Foreign time compared with U. The noon mark: What is a noon mark? Rectification of the horoscope: Unknown birth time -- Uncertain birth times -- Birthmarks and rectification -- True birth time -- A record book: importance of jotting down date, time and place of events -- International Date Line -- Chapter 8. Matters relating to planetary hours, and time correction: Time correction -- Why hour books differ -- Planetary hour ruling time of birth -- Chapter 9.

The ascendant and house rulers: The ascendant defined -- Sidereal time -- Change of civil day from noon to midnight with example -- Ruling planets -- His ruling signs -- Decans -- Decanate rulers -- Intercepted signs -- Intercepted sign and House cusp: Which is the planetary ruler? The progressed horoscope: Method, uses and values -- Progressions explained -- Modern progression -- Scriptural time measure -- How the progressed year is determined -- Complete method necessary -- The new moon in nativities -- Eclipses: their effect in horoscopes -- Chapter Matters relating to the moon: Moon's phases and aspects -- Time and quality of phases -- Moon's phased defined and explained -- Finding moon's quarter in birth chart -- Pregnancy affect by moon -- Moon's place at time of conception -- Pre-determination of sex -- Best dates for conception -- The "Glory" of sun, moon and stars -- The astrological Psalm -- Chapter Indices of demise in a horoscope -- Illustrated by 12 charts showing the correspondences of the Terminus Vitae chart to members of the family and a close business associate.

Practical Astrology for Everybody. Portland, Oregon : Press of the P.

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Bulletina Pub. Table of contents: Preface -- The light of stars poem -- Astrology -- Concerning planetary indications -- The way of the world -- Fate in lack of knowledge -- Astrology develops inspiration -- Twins astrologically considered -- Solar biology, Helio-centric and geocentric astrology -- The astrologer poem -- Beginning new business -- Regarding marriage -- Sidereal time -- Astrological telepathy -- Message from Mars -- Discovery of life on mars confirmed -- Map showing new canals recently formed on Mars -- Remarks -- Wonderful clocks -- Says moon affects crops -- Comets -- What a comet means -- Ephemeris of Halley's Comet, -- According to astrology -- Planetary hours and their influence -- Notes on the effect of planetary hours -- Planetary influences -- Christmas -- The moon, its phases, influence and effects -- If I were the Earth and you were the Sun poem -- Miscellaneous notes -- Stirring events -- Cancer items -- Planets ruling liquids -- Lucky or unlucky?

Table of contents: Astrology -- Aspects and orbs of planets -- Aspects, Table of 16, with symbols, distance, etc. First issuance.

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Comments: First issuance pages pages of text, 16 pages of ads ; includes series numbering on spine: 6 without series statement elsewhere hardback ; The Llewellyn library series ; no. Second issuance hardbacks lack series statement and ads; paperbacks carry series numbering on spine and series statement on page 4 of cover. Table of contents: Ailments, list of as ruled by signs -- Ascending sign, special note regarding -- Aspectarian blank, diagram illustrating aspects -- Aspects, sinister, dexter, partile, platic -- Aspects, table of the sixteen -- Aspects, nature and number of degrees constitution -- Aspects, major and minor -- Aspects, how to tabulate in proper order -- Aspects and orbs, application and separation -- Aspects, form of tabulating -- Aspects, table of order, nature and orbs -- Aspects, overlapping orbs of aspects -- Aspects, relative power -- Aspects, orbs of aspects in progressed charts -- Aspects, Progressed, not to be neglected -- Aspects, tabulating the progressed -- Aspects, making list of operative prog.

Health and attainment through cosmic vibrations. Table of contents: Any one may learn to use planetary hours -- Annual equation of time, tables -- Aspects and octaves. In connection with planetary hours -- Astrology, In the schools ; Inner-communication -- Calendar for years -- Corroborating research.

A list of herbs ruled by the various planets -- Hours, days, and the calendar.

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Actual experience with planetary hours -- Human body in relation to the planets -- Importance of the planetary hours. Relative strength of the hours ; Rulership of planets by day or hour ; Rulership of planets by month -- Influence of the planetary hours -- Information for time correction. To find which planet is ruling at any certain time ; Example ; Qualifying influences ; Correction to clock time -- Introduction -- Invocations to the planetary deities. Gather herbs according to the rules of astrology ; Medicines, and when to apply them, according to ancient doctrine ; Rules astrological for using herbs ; Planets as they relate to parts of the body and physical disorders -- Morning blessing -- Nature and indications of planetary hours.

Days of the week are named after the planets ; Order of planetary hours -- Planetary hour tables for any year. Good aspects ; Adverse aspects -- Preface -- Qualifying conditions in time corrections. Standard time ; Daylight saving -- Rectification of the horoscope. Planetary hours an aid in rectification -- Rules for using the planetary hour tables -- Southern latitudes, How to use the planetary hour tables south of the equator -- Technical researchers, Interesting suggestions for, annual equation of time ; Tables for the twelve months of any year -- Sunrise and sunset -- Uranus in relation to the planetary hours -- Time correction, Information for.

There is a time for every purpose under the heavens ; Atlantic standard time ; Central time ; Central Alaska time ; Clock time ; Daylight saving ; Eastern time ; Intercolonial Atlantic time ; Mean time ; Mountain time ; Pacific standard time ; Solar time ; Standard time ; St. Los Angeles: Llewellyn Publications,Ltd. Comments: Edition statement reads: Revised edition, - Seventh printing ; printing statement really indicates the seventh edition.

In connection with planetary hours -- Astrology, In the schools ; Inner-communication -- Calendar for years.