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A Pisces born on March 5 is symbolized by the Fish and has a friendly but opinionated personality. Learn about March 5 birthday astrology.

Are You Swimming Comfortably? Neptune Retrograde In Pisces…. Astrology for the aesthetically inclined. Fashion, beauty and adornment with celebrity zodiac signs. Aquarius Season Sun moves into Aquarius… January 20th 7. Pisces Season Sun moves into Pisces… February 18th 9.

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Aries Season Sun moves into Aries March 19th 8. People can see the world from a glass-half-full perspective, but this transit is helpful in understanding how you and others can work better together. Venus also faces off with the planet of secrets, Pluto, on Sunday and compromises must be made in order to re-evaluate our dark-sided feelings. Relationships are intensified and manipulation can present itself.

There is a romantic, whimsical element at play that can help ease this intense and brooding energy: Venus connects with mystical Neptune on Thursday, encouraging us to escape the drudgery of responsibility through emotional connection. Override the need to control others by putting yourself in their shoes. Mercury retrogrades into Cancer on Friday, where it will retrace its watery points from the end of June, around June 26 to be exact.

Conversations or things you thought were already taken care of will come back around for you to re-do and perfect. Mercury retrograde is actually great —sit back and enjoy the extra time it gives you! Accept when things are out of your control and watch your life get way easier. Intense, deep emotions about the relationship patterns you fall into are brought to the surface as the moon meets Pluto, the planet of secrets.

The dark side of relationships is more approachable.

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This aspect can bring an attraction to dangerous situations and shady people, so keep your wits about you and know how to stand up for yourself. Venus faces off with stern Saturn and intense Pluto, asking that you draw the line somewhere.

The planet of communication, Mercury, moves back into your sign and meets the sun, helping you realize the new direction you want to head in, and the best way for you to share your message. Be honest with yourself about the amount of tasks you can handle on any given day.

Take a break as Mercury retrogrades into Cancer, your house of isolation on Sunday, practically begging you to take a vacation! Your friendships and dating life are emphasized and the planet of love, Venus, faces off with the planet of boundaries, Saturn, helping you reconsider the ways you commit to your politics. As the full moon touches the intense planet of secrets, Pluto, there is an ability to get in touch with your deepest emotions concerning the things that make you happiest, strengthening your understanding of the type of sex, fun, or creative expression that makes you feel supported.

Secrets about your inner circle are revealed, but be wary of manipulation—both Pluto and Neptune like to spin the truth. Gossip is conspiratorial.

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Luckily, your ruling planet Mercury meets the sun on Sunday, bringing clarity and revision to your subjective truth. Pay close attention to your feelings about your domestic life—they come from a deep place, so take time to trace your emotions to an ancestral source. The eclipse meets with power planet Pluto, making emotions seem unscalable, but all things pass. Get creative with your workflow as Venus harmonizes with mystical Neptune. You may be more connected to the planetary messenger than you think.

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If you were born during Mercury retrograde, you'll be happy to know that Mercury retrograde starts on October 31 and lasts until November 20th, They often ask themselves 'when is Mercury retrograde? Babies born during Mercury retrograde may also find that their relationship with electronics is a bit more intense during this season too. Mercury is the ruling planet of communication, rationality, technology, and thinking. It controls the body parts associated with speaking like the lungs, mouth, tongue, and hands. It also controls our nerves. Mercury turns retrograde roughly three times a year, and even though it doesn't astronomically change directs, the illusion bears symbolism.

Some people are more Mercurial than others. Their phones break constantly.

This week brings a full moon eclipse in Capricorn.

If there's going to be a lapse in an internet signal or a virus hitting a computer, it will and often does happen to these types of people. Because it rules the flexible Gemini and methodological Virgo, these Sun signs may feel its effects more than others.

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  8. You may have heard a lot of negative buzz around Mercury being in retrograde. This is a period of time in which the planet appears to be traveling backward, from our perspective on Earth. The ancient Greeks, who spent a lot of time studying the sky, assumed that the planets moved freely through the sky. A Mercury retrograde is known to cause confusion and trouble in communication and rationale. Astrologists typically urge not to make any concrete, important decisions during these times.

    Depending on your birth date, you could have been born during a Mercury retrograde. Because Mercury falls in between the Sun and the Earth during retrograde, the behaviors it controls are felt stronger by people born at this time. People born during the retrograde are typically very quick-witted, fast-thinking, and analytical of decisions. Aries, you are the first of the fire signs in the Zodiac calendar which makes you a fierce personality to be reckoned with. You love the speed and competition of life and always want to come out on top.

    But be careful! That kind of behavior can be exploited by Mercury.

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    Cool down your urge to attack any confrontation that comes your way. Being an earth sign, you value touch over all other senses. You are a true tactile learner. Because Mercury is the ruler of the hands, you may find yourself more dependent on touch than other Tauruses. Gemini, Mercury is your cosmic ruler which makes your connection different than most of the other signs.